Skyline High Student Film Festival

"I have worked with a wonderful group on this project, shooting film to make it run smoothly. I decided to become part of the Computer Academy and didn't really think about the film aspect of the program. Filming

West Oakland Middle School Students Make Science Real

"When thinking of issues of social justice, people don't often connect that directly to science"

The Youth Vote Matters

"Youth empowerment!"

Break the Cycle-Teen Dating Violence

"I'm in an abusive relationship, my boyfriend starts to beat me, I don't know what to do..."

Why Education Matters? – Oakland International Students Have the Answer

"Don't want to study? Well, education is the key to success..."

Fremont Students “Change for Happiness”

"One simple act of kindness goes a long way."

Manzanita Community Newcomers Get Comfortable in School

"I want to live in Oakland - Why? - because of fighting in Afghanistan...shooting, boom boom"

Clinton Global Initiative Leads Clean Up at Oakland Schools

ONews/KDOL student reporters were first with questions for former President Bill Clinton and daughter, Chelsea!

Students Share Downtown Vision with Mayor Libby Schaaf

"As teenagers, we need places to go and things to do that don't cost money, yet from what we see, new businesses in downtown are can downtown include places to go that we can afford?"

KDOL Filmmakers in Action

"It was an amazing experience for us to film on location and use the knowledge we learned through our class."

Oakland Promise Launches at Oakland High!

"Oakland Promise is necessary because so many students grow up not feeling hopeful" - Mayor Libby Schaaf

Oakland International High Students Spotlight Filmmakers

"Whatever is the subject, it doesn't matter. What's important is, I don't want the audience to look at this issue or this story as just an outsider...I want them to feel it!"

Oodles of Doodles at Claremont Middle School

"Basically what makes me, me, is my generation and when I grew up"

Fremont High Newcomer Shares Her Struggles and Fight

"I felt motivated when my counselor told me I had to look forward, fight for my life and dreams"

What’s “App” at West Oakland Middle School!

"Coding - it kind of reminds me of a piano because you're just typing and typing and moving your fingers around like you do on a piano"

Student Board Member Thrives on Being Outspoken

"I didn't become outspoken or active until I moved to Oakland"

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