CCPA Student Photos Tell the Story

"Oakland is...."

CCPA Student Battles Trash in the Neighborhood

"I want to tell people to not throw junk on the streets."

Gentrification Survey by Coliseum College Prep Students

"It's scary to see how my community is changing right before my eyes and I can only imagine how much it would change once I come back from college."

What Does Computer Science Mean to You?

"Computer science means to me - opportunities, success"

Human Trafficking Touches Fremont High Blogger

"I thought of my own mother because she gets worried if I’m out later than usual"

PLACE @ Prescott Scrapbook

"Math and art as one."

“A Day in My Life” – by a MetWest Student

"My goal is to use video in order to move hearts and minds and change the lives of others."

No Bullying – It’s Personal

"A lot of people would pick on me"

The Drought – Tech Students on What You Can Do

"So why exactly should we care about the drought?"

“We Will Persist” Wins a White House Honor!!

"Because we can't change who we are, but we can change the world around us"

At Skyline – Trash is Art…and More

"It's essentially our home away from home, we need this place to look clean" - Skyline Student

“On Air” with ONews

"One issue that's been really prominent in my life is overcoming depression."

“Take Steps” to Stop Childhood Obesity says Oakland Tech Student

"I will talk about why it is a priority to raise healthy children and how we can do so."

Oakland Tech Student Tackles the Problem of Ocean Plastic Pollution

"I liked reading about problems that exist today in our society and researching their causes, solutions, and consequences. To me, this is interesting because this is not just a lesson in English; it's what's affecting us as we are."

ONews Starts 2015 with a New Look!

ON, or ONews (OUSD News), is FOR, BY and ABOUT STUDENTS!!

Arise Student has “Astonishing” Summer Experience

"Overall, it was a really great opportunity and experience where I was able to learn more about office work, my community, and also myself"

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