Skyline High Student Film Festival

“I have worked with a wonderful group on this project, shooting film to make it run smoothly. I decided to become part of the Computer Academy and didn’t really think about the film aspect of the program. Filming is fun but to make it fun we have to struggle a bit. Nothing is perfect unless you want to make it perfect.” – Isaac Ramos

July 13th, 2016


Skyline High’s Computer Academy isn’t all about coding! Students learn digital arts and filmmaking!! At the end of the year, their work is showcased in the “Senior Capstone Film Festival”.

Here are some of the student produced films!

The Horror – “is a comprehensive analysis of imperialism. Using Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, the inner symbolic and allegorical meanings of these works will demonstrate how terrifying imperialism can really be.”

Over the Influence – “We follow the struggles, both past and present, of Cynthia Rodriguez, a recovering alcoholic, in order to emphasize the potential dangers, risks and drawbacks of alcoholism and alcohol dependency. Cynthia, as well as members of her family were interviewed in order to provide details regarding the presence of alcohol in her life, including her introduction to the substance, the development of her problem and her current road to recovery. While Cynthia is the main focus, the film stresses that alcoholism is not a small problem, but rather one that affects many across the country and world.”

We Don’t ‘Need’ It – “This documentary shows the impact that cosmetics have on people wearing or not wearing makeup. Everyone has different opinions on what wearing makeup is really like and how they feel about others wearing it. In this documentary the filmmakers attempt to show that makeup is not just for women and that men are entitled to wear a bit of makeup if they choose to.”
WARNING: Video contains words/graphics some might find offensive

Effects of Music – “People have different views on how music makes them feel or the way they interact with it. Your own type of music affects you in a way that no one can relate to. We all have different ways of life that create the person that we are today. The genre of music that you listen to can influence your personality in a ver y unique and special way.”

Hotline Ring – “Our film is basically different views on technology used in school by teachers and students. We asked teachers their opinion on technology usage in class and if they allow their students to use technology and we asked students if they area always on task when they use technology of if they use it as a distraction. The responses that we received were very interesting!”

A Dream Deferred – “The topic of students facing hardships while growing up and then leading them to drop out has always been a widely discussed problem in high schools. Though it is addressed, it is never really been broken down to students, leading them to stray off their academic path. This film focuses on the idea that students should be aware of how the environment and its surround areas can affect the choices students make in school. To be able to know these problems and to be aware of the issues and not fall victim to it, are two separate ideas.”

What You Do, Your Baby Does Too – “People in different professions will tell the audience about what drugs do to a fetus during pregnancy. A woman tells her story about having a foster baby whose mother was on drugs.”

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