$10,000 from Code.org for Fremont High!

“It’s fun and a new adventure inside of a computer”

January 22nd, 2016

Spanish teacher Nicolas Parker looks at the coding of one of his students during Hour of Code on Dec. 10. Fremont received $10,000 for pledging to get all its students coding this year.

“Code.org awards Fremont $10,000”

Valeria Fernandez, Nasia Stevenson,
Staff Writers-Green & Gold • January, 2016

Fremont is $10,000 richer and hopes the money will help make many of its students rich.

On Dec. 9 Fremont High School had an assembly to celebrate Code.org awarding the school $10,000. Fremont was recognized as the only school in California for this grant, for getting more than half of its student body to participate in the Hour of Code.

“Fremont High School was the only school to get the $10,000 here in California because Fremont filled out an implementation plan where we showed how we were going to make sure every student would be able to experience at least one hour of coding this year,” said Johanna Paraiso, one of the Computer Science teachers.

On Nov. 18 Fremont High sent six students to downtown Oakland to be trained to be peer teachers for Computer Science Education Week when schools try to give as many students as possible some exposure to computer programming.

Valeria Fernandez, Maria Guzman, Emmanuel Ruiz, Leticia Garcia, Brian Lara, Christopher Blandon, Christian Rodriguez, Marlena Norn and Suhaib Abdulahi were nine students who taught during the Hour of Code. These hours took place in over 10 classrooms with more than 380 students at Fremont High School and their teachers participating.

“It was a great experience to see how students learned and played the tutorials that Code.org has to offer,” said Valeria Fernandez, one of the Code Champions.

Students learned the basics of coding through really easy games and basic instructions. This gave them the idea that coding can be fun and amusing although some admitted to finding it hard and boring.

“It’s fun and new adventure inside of a computer,” said Norma Pablo Calmo a sophomore at Fremont High School.

Some adults who attended the assembly, like Ryan Phillips, an OUSD spokesman, thinks Computer Science should be a required class.

“Students should certainly take coding, all students, especially students here at Fremont High where there is great opportunity in order to prepare themselves for the jobs of the future.”

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