The Drought – Tech Students on What You Can Do

“So why exactly should we care about the drought?”

June 9th, 2015

Tech Drought

How else to learn but to take a contemporary issue, research it and suggest how to solve it.

That’s exactly what students at Oakland Tech did for their 9th grade history class.

Jerry Aranaught, along with classmates Calvin and Christian, tackled the drought in California. Here’s their article:

The drought in California has already lasted for over 2 years, the cause of it being a high pressure area blocking Pacific storms. While high pressure areas are common and usually not a big deal, this one is different. Being over 4 miles wide and 2,000 miles long, it is is covering the entire California coastline as well as other states. What makes the matter worse is that it is not breaking down and researchers don’t know when it will either. This unfortunate phenomenon has therefore been called “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”.

So why exactly should we care about the drought? There are 2 answers to this. The first one is simple; we all need water survive. About 60% of our bodies are made of water and we need to constantly replenish that supply. The second, more complicated reason is that it also affects the things that we do everyday. Things that we take for granted will continue to increase in price as the drought continues and may become unaffordable to some. As a way to discourage wasting water, districts will charge higher water rates. Everything that requires water will then cost more. In addition, food and beverages will increase in price as well because they require water to be produced. Water is needed to irrigate the crops that become our fruits and vegetables. Water is needed for the animals that turn into our meats to survive. With water becoming scarcer, it will become more expensive, making simply surviving more expensive as well. However the drought doesn’t just affect us. Because California exports foods throughout the nation, national prices will rise. The drought is an issue that affects everyone.

What can we do to stop all this from happening? Something that we can all do is change our water use habits. One activity in particular that we noticed was consuming a lot of water is showering. In a survey that we conducted asking 86 people their water uses, over 80% said that they shower for over 5 minutes. Considering that fact that the population of California is 38.8 million and each minute of a shower uses up to 2.5 gallons of water, that is a lot of water used a day. Aiming to take 5 minute showers is something that we can all do to to ensure that our water supply lasts. Of course, that was only one thing in our lives. There are many, many other habits that we can change to help with the drought.

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