42 Million and Counting at Roots International Academy!!

“With every word we read, we are one step closer to accepting a simple truth – that we have the power to change our destiny.”

April 30th, 2015


Way to go!!

Woohoo – congratulations to the students at Roots International Academy for not only reaching the school goal of reading 42 million words by June – but surpassing it!! The count is up to 43,645,250 and they’re still reading and counting!!

Why are the students so into the challenge? Let 8th grade student Dannel Hernandez and his classmates tell you!

Video courtesy of Roots International Academy – thanks!

And…the “books” in the photo are “titled”:

Geoff Vu, TSA of Culture
Ashlee Gutierrez, Assistant Principal
Ruby De Tie, Principal
Shawna Myers, Community Schools Director

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