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“Fremont is Oakland’s first “wall-to-wall” ECCO school. And district leaders say that is significant.”

May 19th, 2014

Fremont High School Media Academy juniors Kammi Bauzon and Willie Williams

Program lets students explore college, careers and secure internships

Stephanie Valencia
Editor-in-Chief – Green & Gold

The word “ECCO” has been heard over and over and again this year on the Fremont campus. Same with “field trip” and “internship.”

All three academies on campus are participating in Exploring College and Career Options (ECCO), a program run through the school district’s Linked Learning Office.

Fremont is Oakland’s first “wall-to-wall” ECCO school. And district leaders say that is significant.

“It shows that Fremont High teachers and administrators are committed to creating college and career opportunities for every FHS student,” said Donna Wyatt, a manager in the Linked Learning Office.

ECCO features field trips known as Career Exploration Visits and college visits for sophomores and juniors.

Career Exploration Visits have included trips to KDOL, NBC Bay Area and KTOP television stations by Media Academy, trips to City Attorney Barbara Parker’s office and the OUSD General Counsel’s office by Mandela Academy and trips to The Crucible and a school construction site to meet HKIT Architects by Architecture Academy.

Junior Yacsiry Hernandez visited NBC Bay Area and was impressed.

“My experience was awesome,” she said. “I liked being a newsperson for the day.”

At the end of the NBC Bay Area trip, television reporter Bob Redell told students how important it is that they take essay assignments seriously to become better writers.

He was emphasizing one of the five 21st Century Skills for Success, which Fremont has adopted as its Student Learning Outcomes.

Students learned about these skills in special advisory lessons. They then looked for the skills on the Career Exploration Visits.

Students who went to NBC Bay Area in March saw journalists using emerging technology, including touchscreen weather maps (instead of green screens) and robotic cameras.

ECCO students also visited colleges this semester. Architecture took sophomores to University of California, Berkeley and juniors to University of California, Davis; Mandela took sophomores to University of San Francisco’s law school and juniors to Santa Clara University’s law school; Media took sophomores to California State University East Bay and juniors to San Francisco State University.

Sophomore Denny Zarate visited CSU East Bay and applauds the college trips.

“It’s a good chance for students to experience a college campus,” said Zarate.

The highlight of the ECCO program is when juniors are able to apply what they have learned in summer internships.

Those who find internships spend four days at a work site. They spend one day in a classroom working on time management and other work-related skills.

Media Academy senior Daniel Salazar worked at Oakland Technology Exchange last summer through the ECCO program. Salazar recommends others do internships because “it’s a good chance to learn the things you want to do as a career.”

Media Academy junior Richard Vu is hoping to land an internship with KDOL and the Media Enterprise Alliance to work on an animation project for a client.

“What I hope to gain from this internship is a step closer to being an animator,” said Vu.

If successful in his internship and at the annual ECCO exhibition at the end of the program, Vu will receive a stipend of $800.

Stipends are not necessarily available every year. However, what is guaranteed is an experience to place on a resume and 10 elective credits towards graduation.

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