ONews Newscast – “Exercise”

“We’re trying to find out the best ways to stay fit and the best exercises you can do around Lake Merritt” – Lobsan Barrera/ONews Student Reporter

May 3rd, 2013


Walk, run, skip, jump, bike or skateboard – the students of Onews want YOU, to MOVE!


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ONews is produced by the students of Media Enterprise Alliance (MEA) at KDOL

Now let’s go behind the scenes with the ONews Bloggers –

April 15th, 2013 (Wednesday) Entry
Today the pre-production crew was looking for stories to present for our shows. Anchors researched and summarized the news stories that they’re going to present on. The anchors also learned how to read out the stories using the teleprompter. The production crew were learning how to operate the cameras and the switcher board. The video editors were putting together the Futbolistas video story. The lead producers were creating the scripts for our shows. A lot of preparation was going on, trying to prepare all of the logistics and components for the live shows.

HEALTHY LAKE SHOOT (Reflection from Justin)
“Shooting footage from the moving car was cool. Lake Merritt has nice scenery for exercise, it was also a nice temperature, but it was a little windy that day. It was good being able to find people who were enthusiastic about sharing their techniques with the audience. We had a hard working crew and saw many hard working people at the lake.”

April 22, 2013 (Monday) Entry
Today the pre-production crew did last minute edits for Lake Merritt Exercise clip. Anchors finalized the script and were brainstorming for show stories. Bloggers are taking pictures and video clips for the blog. The Production team worked on learning how to switch cameras and add the sound intros for the live show. The team did a successful taping of the first live show.




17Camera Crew with Lake

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